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Air Means Water.
The Element Which Ripples and
Causes Waves that Eventually
Shapes The World We Know Today.

Inspired by water which serves as the basis of life on our planet, Air Resort Suites welcomes you to a home where you can wash away the stresses and struggles of yesterday and look forward to a joyful tomorrow. Here at Genting Antara Air.

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Spring To Life

Inspired by the concept of an overflowing stream bringing forth abundance and refreshment to the land surrounding it, Air Resort Suites features a wide river of water and nature themed facilities. Lose yourself while admiring our waterfall, light sculpture and water feature. Or push your body to its limits on our climbing wall, trampoline zone and gymnasium. There’s simply so much to see and do at Air Resort Suites.

The Terrarium @ Ayu Antara Genting
Antara Pattern

Splashes of Joy and Delight

Every year, millions of Malaysians and tourists make their way to Genting Highlands just to enjoy the cooling atmosphere and breathtaking scenery that we call home. Here in Air Resort Suites, we want to take that one step further by encapsulating you in uniquely themed nests and facilities that marry fun with entertainment and relaxation, so that your thoughts can flow smoothly like a spring.

Antara Pattern
AYU Level 1 Facilities

Level 1

1. Terrace Planter
2. Playground
3. Climbing Wall
4. Water Feature
5. Seating Area
6. Light Sculpture
7. Open Deck
8. BBQ Pit
9. Golf Simulator Room

10. Cigar Room
11. Pool & Dart Room
12. Indoor Kids Playroom
13. Gymnasium
14. Trampolin Zone
15. Bowling Alley
16.  Washroom / OKU Toilet (M/F)

Level 2

1. Arcade Room
2. Function Room
3. Yoga & Ballet Studio
4. Yoga Deck
5. Management Office
6. Surau (M/F)
7. Resting Deck

8. Water Feature
9. Season Bath / Jacuzzi
10. Fun Pool
11. Lap Pool
12. Washroom / OKU Toilet (M/F)
13. Sauna (M/F)
14. Pool Shower

AYU Level 2 Facilities
AYU Level 3 Facilities

Level 3

1. AV Room
2. Co-working Space
3. Resting Pod
4. Water Walk
5. Water Feature

6. BBQ Pit
7. Resting Zone
8. Secret Garden
9. Washroom / OKU Toilet (M/F)

Unit Types


Reinforced Concrete Framework / Shear Wall

Reinforced Concrete Wall / Brick Wall

Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof

Skim Coat & Paint / Ceiling Board

Master Bedroom / Bedroom 1 & 2 : Tiles
Living /Kitchen / Dining / Foyer : Tiles
Master Bath / Bath 1 / Powder Room : Tiles
Balcony / Terrace : Tiles
Air-cond Ledge : Cement Screed
Open Terrace : Tiles

(Type AA-G1, B1-G, B1A-G, B3A-G, C1-G2, G5-G only)

Selected Quality Sanitary Wares and Fittings

External Wall : Plaster & Paint
Internal Wall : Skim Coat & Paint / Plaster & Paint
Bathroom : Tiles up to Ceiling Level

Main Entrance : Fire Rated Door
Master Bedroom : Timber Sliding Door
Master Bath : Glass Door
Bedroom : Timber Flush Door
Bathroom : Timber Flush Door
Balcony / Terrace : Aluminium Frame Sliding Glass Door

Aluminium Frame Window

Quality Locksets

Adequate Electrical Points

NOTE : All items mentioned above are subject to variation, modification and substitution as may be recommend byArchitects and/or the relevant approving Authorities. Built-up, layout plan and specifications are subject to change.
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